More before photos

By popular request, here are some more before-we-get-our-hands-dirty photos for your viewing pleasure. Behold the vision of decades past.

Kitchen 3 
One view of the kitchen, with its black on white color scheme. If you’re trying to figure out the window into the panel dimension, there is a “bonus room” that was added on to the house as part of the 1970s remodel. What was originally a window to the backyard is now a pass through. One of our long-term plans is to eventually expand the kitchen into this space.

Master bathroom before

The master bath with its various shades of green and strange vanity. We actually kinda dig the sage green bathtub. The wallpaper not so much. And the vanity has to go at the first opportunity. This is a very long bathroom with a shower at one hand, the double sink vanity, and then the toilet and tub. So there is some space to work with.

Downstairs bathroom

The downstairs bathroom, actually quite reminiscent of our current pink and green tiled apartment bathroom. We plan to get the master bathroom up to speed before moving onto this one.

Bedroom 3
An exciting corner of the rearmost downstairs bedroom (hey, its hard to photograph a room when you’re wedged in one corner). This is the largest of the original bedrooms, with two closets. We plan to use this room as an office.

Bedroom 1
One of the front downstairs bedrooms. This is the smallest of the bedrooms but the only one with balcony access. There is another similarly sized bedroom directly adjacent to this one that does not have access to the balcony (even though the balcony extends in front of it), but instead gets a groovy corner window with southwest exposure. 

Out on the balcony, looking out at our street. See those ugly awnings? We tore them down straight away. Pretty much the first (and possibly easiest) improvement we made.


5 thoughts on “More before photos

  1. We really enjoyed these recent photos. The interior of your new home seems to be freshly painted & clean – and in “move in” condition except for appliances. Also, the bathrooms are well tiled. Most 50’s/70’s homes are not as neat as yours.

    We agree that it is a “fixer upper” but believe that you are both project oriented and will enjoy the challenges (and surprises) of your first home. Please continue to update this Blog, since for Lois and I it brings back wonderful memories of our first home. Granddad

  2. Felicitations on your first (sort of) home. I think you made a smart choice.

    Four observations:

    1) Sorry, guys, the bathtub is not sage. It is avocado. But at least the bathroom is not avocado AND harvest gold, a truly vile combination. And is there a window? I really miss bathrooms with windows.

    2) Think carefully about the kitchen counters, assuming you’re thinking about them at all. Some now-fashionable minerals, such as granite and marble, can lose their finish if you get acids–lemon juice, vinegar, etc.–on them, and it’s a real pain to have to worry about a feature that should be relatively care-free, especially when you’re whisking salad dressing.

    3) My husband congratulates you on junking the awnings. Being British, he thinks American taste in awnings is just terrible.

    4) Lastly, remember that styles and colors come and go, but a good wine cellar/closet will help keep your home a happy one.

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Melanie, thanks for the astute advice!

      We’re trying to stay away from the “A” word, sage is so much more attractive! And yummier (It may make me feel like a traitor to my state, but I really don’t go for avocados of any sort).

      Kitchen counters are probably staying as is for now. In the future we’re thinking of either a recycled glass counter (Vetrazzo) or quartz.

      And yes, we’re eyeing this one little hall closet as a possible vino stash. And maybe a little mini-fridge of champagne splits for when mom comes over for dinner!

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