Nursery update: just about ready for baby

After a fabulous baby shower in the Central Valley, we’ve now got all sorts of goodies to fill-up the nursery with. We’re still working on some finishing touches — including some additional wall decorations and closet organizing — but it’s in move-in shape should someone arrive earlier than expected!

The crib is now made up for the little guy (although he will probably sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first few weeks). Our cousin Betsy made the beautiful baby blanket hanging on the side of the crib. Note the very realistic cat in the cubby hole. Hopefully she won’t be as interested in the baby things once there’s an actual squirmy and noisy baby involved.

Opposite the crib is a changing area that’s currently being stocked up. Diapers in the top drawer (once the diaper company delivers the first lot in about two weeks), stacks of little clothes, blankets, and swaddlers in the lower drawers.

Kane’s uncle helped us get this cushy glider, and his grandmother knitted the blue baby blanket. For now, it’s a pretty cozy spot to read a book or chat on the phone. This was the last piece of furniture we needed, so now it’s on to the little details — but we’ll save those for another post


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