Bathroom guts

Operation new master bathroom has officially begun. And like all good projects, it begins with tearing up what was there before. Here’s the state of the bathroom, looking towards the East, after the first day of construction. I especially like the remnants of our atrocious upstairs heater lying on the pile of debris.

And here’s looking West, towards what will eventually be a bathtub with a window above it. Can you picture it yet?

Seeing the guts of one’s home is sort of an amazing thing. Here are the bones of stud and beam, there are the arteries of copper and plastic pipe, and this is the nervous system of switches and wires. Looking at it laid so bare it suddenly strike me how this home that we live in is not just an emotional space but a physical artifact hacked together by tool and hand.

So much of the construction work is about improv, figuring out how to deal with the emergent reality of structure and materials interacting with one another. Yes, we have a floorplan on paper. But that’s all theoretical. So far, after only one week, we already have changes to pencil in — a new plan for a heater, a nudge to the shower door placement — and undoubtedly more such changes will follow. In the meantime we will measure and re-analyze and make new choices as needed. Oh, and we’ll keep all the receipts. Learned that lesson already.


4 thoughts on “Bathroom guts

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