Let there be light!

Each day after work we have a little routine. It’s called “Let’s go see what happened in the bathroom today.” Sometimes the changes are a challenge to spot — some tweaked electrical, an inspection passed, a bit more drywall. Other time they are downright dramatic. Like this week when we came home to a bathroom flooded with light! Our dark little cave is now a different place thanks to a picture window over the bathtub nook and a skylight above the shower-to-be.


From the front of the house, the window fits right in.


The skylight is far more subtle than I originally imagined it — I hadn’t realized that because of the roof slope it would be up past ceiling height and not immediately visible. It provides a soft wash of light all day but especially during the early hours. It will be lovely for morning showers.


Along with the new window, we’ve moved on from working on the bones of the bathroom to giving it some skin. New expanses of drywall and HardieBacker board appear each day. We’ve received word that our tile has arrived at the shop and expect to see some tile work shortly.


Here’s hoping that the remaining construction moves smoothly and quickly because I want to take a bath looking out at this!



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