Chugga chugga choo choo

Here’s a little reprieve from the obsessive bathroom remodel blog coverage.

Remember all those pasts blog posts, oh, about two and a half years ago, detailing the creation of our perfect nursery? Well the little one has gone and grown up and developed opinions and taste of his own (although we are proud to say that he finds it important to match the color of his socks to his the rest of his clothing. We managed to not produce a design disaster — although who knows what the teenage years may bring).


In the intervening two years our thematically cohesive nursery has become a bit jumbled. The final blow landed this week, when in our effort to move the big boy into his own bed we enlisted that most convincing of commercial entities, Thomas the Tank Engine.

Really Big Thomas (because we have small Thomas and Big Thomas already) arrived in two ginormous cardboard boxes that would probably have really confused our bathroom contractors if not for the giant drawings of Thomas on the outside. Still, they were kind enough to bring them inside and leave them in the living room. We had been talking about the arrival of the bed for the past week, so Cedar was excited to see the boxes and even more eager to help his Baba put Thomas together.


Being a plastic entity, the assembly included lots of forcing parts together to line up the critical connections. And it also included that most awesome of toddler activities — applying stickers. It was a real ceremonial opening of an icons eyes. Thomas is alive! And staring at us from the doorway!


With his matching blanket and pillow cases (shhh … he didn’t get the incredibly scratchy matching sheets. He won’t know, right?) and his plush Thomas and wooden Thomas, here’s to a happy — and hopefully sleepy — boy.



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