Bathroom update: On the surface

Up until recently the bathroom remodel has been a dirty project — an unpolished story of demolition and rough carpentry and drywall dust. But all that framing, plumbing, and electrical was never meant to be seen. On the other hand, the next step is very much about surface appearance. With the guts of the room pretty much operational, it’s time to bring on the pretty part.

Almost three months ago we posted a sneak peak of our tile palette. Are you ready to see these tiles in action? Caveat: tiling is still a work in progress — we are waiting on many of our grout colors and the final edging rows of wall tile cannot be cut until the marble surfaces are in place. But even in this incomplete state the tile has dramatically transformed what was a construction zone into a room we can imagine relaxing in.

For the bathroom floor we choose a wood-grained tile in a warm grey. Unlike the wall tile, the floor tile has a very textured and rather matte finish. This tile comes in long narrow pieces that run the length of the bathroom, emphasizing the linearity. The darker color grounds the space and will hopefully complement the vanity color.

Looking West, the bathtub is surrounded in a simple white wall tile in a grid pattern. This is a large-scale glossy tile. We will be adding a very light colored grout in order to produce a clean surface appearance. At the foot of the tub a vertical accent niche is backed with a monochrome grey mosaic tile.

Facing East, the shower walls mirror the tub surround by using the same white wall tiles. In this photograph you can see that the white tile is so glossy it actually reflects our window! As in the tub area, grey mosaic accent tile in a tall narrow niche does a nice job of catching the light coming from above.

From the beginning, Kane wanted one of those trendy pebble floors in the shower. However, a number of folks in the know repeatedly asked, “have you ever stood on those pebbles?” Our compromise? We found this stone tile that uses flat pieces rather than the typical rounded river rock shape. It gives a similar natural feel but is friendlier on the feet.

One of the fun things about seeing the tile installation is that it has really made it clear just how huge our shower is. We can seriously fit the whole family in there!

With the tiling underway, the end is in sight. Our next steps include receiving the vanity from the cabinet maker, having the marble surfaces fabricated, installing the double doors, and bringing in the glass shower door vendor. After that it’s a matter of fine-tuning and accessorizing (is it too early to begin debating towel colors?) —just in time for holiday visitors.


One thought on “Bathroom update: On the surface

  1. Hi, do you mind sharing the exact tile name, color and manufacturer for the tile you used on the shower floor? Love it!

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