99% Complete – Our new master bathroom

Well, it’s official.  With our cabinet maker coming by today to install the knobs and pulls on the vanity, the bathroom is officially 99% complete.  Still need to do final inspection and hang the chandelier – in that order 😉 – but otherwise it’s ready!

Needless to say, we are super thrilled with the results.  Everything came together in the end and even the shower door opens – we were concerned for a while whether there wouldn’t be enough space between the shower and the toilet for the glass door to swing out – I guess we should’ve trusted the contractor,  he was right.

Of course there are a million things we can pick apart and notice, but that’s the difference between a design and the real thing, the real thing will have imperfections!  But, we can step back and look at the end results as a whole and be proud of this little piece of improvement we have made to our home.

  • Here are the photos:

2 thoughts on “99% Complete – Our new master bathroom

  1. Safely here in WA DC admiring your successful project and ready to book our stay in the Lichauco/Kaneboughazian Four Seasons! Love, Mimi and Chesa

  2. Hi. The bathroom turned out great! We are building the same exact layout now. Could you tell me the dimensions of the bathroom? And how long is your double vanity and how much room is there between the the vanity and the shower? ( where the toilet is)
    Thank you.

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