This blog started as a means to chronicle the first year (or more) of our first house. Friends and family have been watching our home search from afar for some time. The San Francisco Bay Area is a challenging place to be a first-time homeowner, but we were determined to see it happen.

We purchased our house in April 2009, a time when the real estate market was in turmoil. Prices were down, banks were closing the coffers after years of easy credit, many homeowners were underwater. As difficult a time this was for so many families, it was also an opportunity to enter a previously untouchable market.

The house we ended up with is clearly a fixer. We don’t mind that. Our local area is full of bad remodels and quick flips. Our house is neither. Rather, it is a structure that has simply been neglected and one that we like to think can only improve and move forward. But, big dreams aside, we’re not remodeling pros. And things might get worse before they get better.

Our friends and family are welcome to follow along and if you see us do something totally and complete wrong (or conversely, have some good ideas to share), please do so. We’re happy for all the expertise that may be out there, and any help you may provide.


At home


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  1. Oh, Tina and Kane and Cedar, how I have neglected this lovely blog! Isn’t color a strange and wonderful thing? (Almost as strange as the fact that avocado green used to be a chic color choice for bath tubs dot dot dot)* Anyway, your house’s exterior is looking very aesthetic and inviting these days. Good luck with the master bath.

    *Some tasteful Berkeley friends inherited an early ’60s harvest-gold-and-avocado-green bathroom when they bought their house. It was so godawful they felt obliged to post the following words above the mirror: “This bathroom is provided as a public service, and does not necessarily reflect the views of management.” It has since been redecorated in gray, oyster white and aqua.

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