Chugga chugga choo choo

Here’s a little reprieve from the obsessive bathroom remodel blog coverage.

Remember all those pasts blog posts, oh, about two and a half years ago, detailing the creation of our perfect nursery? Well the little one has gone and grown up and developed opinions and taste of his own (although we are proud to say that he finds it important to match the color of his socks to his the rest of his clothing. We managed to not produce a design disaster — although who knows what the teenage years may bring).


In the intervening two years our thematically cohesive nursery has become a bit jumbled. The final blow landed this week, when in our effort to move the big boy into his own bed we enlisted that most convincing of commercial entities, Thomas the Tank Engine.

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Back in Action

It’s been a while since we’ve posted to fixerwithaview. But Cedar is now three months old and life is arranging itself into some sort of order that includes things besides baby (not that the world does not continue to revolve around him). As expected, our house hasn’t seen much improvement over these busy weeks, except for one little project.

New windows being installed in the nursery

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Color commitment

Since moving in, we’ve slowly painted the house room by room, using our own admittedly amateur labor (and recruiting one little sister for help). However, two room remained untouched. The stairwell, given the lack of appropriate ladders, and our office, which until recently had always had too much stuff in it to paint around.

After our recent game of musical rooms, in which the office moved upstairs, the master bedroom downstairs, the guest room to the former animal room, the animals to the mudroom, and the office on the way to becoming a nursery, we figured we’d paint both spaces — and this time we’d have someone else do it!

But first — what color?


(Also, an apology for the grainy photos this time around. My camera died last week and so I am relegated to taking photos with my cellphone. Actually with my new cellphone, after my original iPhone made a valiant leap for freedom and gained a shattered screen for its efforts. It was not a good week for electronic gadgetry. And a word to the wise: those Applecare extended warranties aren’t worth a penny.) Continue reading