Paint makes everything better

Remember the worst room in the world? Well that funny back room with the funk carpet just finished receiving a new tile floor (to match our kitchen), door moldings, and a jazzy terracota and cream paint job. It’s amazing what a few surface fixes can do. Someday we’ll still have to rebuild the wall here, and hopefully connect this area to the kitchen, but for now its a workable mudroom. And the kitties love rolling around on that tile floor.



Worst room in the world

With almost 60 years of life and remodeling behind it, our house has its fair share of quirks. But the downright weirdest space within is what we usually refer to as the “back room.” Sometime in the late 1970s/early 1980s, the original 3-bedroom single story structure was enlarged by the addition of an upstairs master suite. Because the upstairs extends farther back than the original structure, the first floor was expanded beneath it, allowing space for a stairwell and for this really awkward space behind the kitchen. We’ve largely figured this out based on the house next door, which retains this original floorplan.

Before, in the days of wood paneling

Before, in the days of wood paneling

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Soft and fuzzy carpet

From the get-go, one of the most hideous things about our little project was the old green and sort of gold-brown-green carpet. Decades out of fashion, it was a filthy smelly mess that made you want to step right out of the house. We kept thinking how much more the selling agent could of got for the place if she’d replaced the carpet first! Continue reading

Poll: What color floor?

We’ve been a bit lax on the posts lately — life and such has been super busy. But there are a few improvements to report on, hopefully this weekend.

But as a light digression, we come to you with an important question. Right now, the years of ambered varnish are being stripped off our living and dining room floors revealing the pale blonde wood beneath. We are faced with an important decision: to stain or not to stain. Continue reading