Stone mapping for dummies

Measure twice, cut once, right? Or in the case of a big slab of marble, measure many times. And use lot of blue tape. Because blue tape brings certainty to all things.


About a week ago I went out to the counter warehouse to approve the cutting plan for our creamy slab of Botticini marble. Botticini — the name alone conjures up visions of italian fountains and rustic yet elegant cuisine. We had purchased a single slab to provide the raw material for our counter, sink backsplash, tub deck, and shower bench in our master bathroom. Mapping out a cutting plan for this slab was a job for some experts. Continue reading


Master Bathroom Designs – Sneak Peak

So, we’re two months into our bathroom remodel and we are still in design mode.  We got fairly delayed by making the decision to hire a designer because I was too busy to do it myself.  Well, after a couple rounds with the designer who was planning on taking us way over budget (note to self – don’t work with designers who are also going to be the vendor for the products, their goal is to sell you stuff) I ended up taking matters into my own hands and doing the designs myself.  I will admit that I am taking some of the designers ideas, but most of the materials, etc, were chosen by Cristina and myself.

Anyway, here are some 3D renders straight out of modo, plus a photo of some of the actual materials.  Hope you like it.

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