Up next…the purple nursery

So, it’s been a while since the bathroom posts. We’ve been pretty busy with life of course. And with the new baby on the way in about a month, we’ve been working on her room. The green balcony guest room is now the purple – or should I say “ice grape” – nursery. I’ve been busy painting, putting up a new lighting fixtures & fan, and still have some minor things to do, and Cristina’s been busy sewing! So, it’s almost ready for pictures..but here’s a sneak peek.


I must add that our front garden is looking pretty smashing as well so we’ll have to post some photos of that as well 🙂


99% Complete – Our new master bathroom

Well, it’s official.  With our cabinet maker coming by today to install the knobs and pulls on the vanity, the bathroom is officially 99% complete.  Still need to do final inspection and hang the chandelier – in that order 😉 – but otherwise it’s ready!

Needless to say, we are super thrilled with the results.  Everything came together in the end and even the shower door opens – we were concerned for a while whether there wouldn’t be enough space between the shower and the toilet for the glass door to swing out – I guess we should’ve trusted the contractor,  he was right.

Of course there are a million things we can pick apart and notice, but that’s the difference between a design and the real thing, the real thing will have imperfections!  But, we can step back and look at the end results as a whole and be proud of this little piece of improvement we have made to our home.

  • Here are the photos:

How (not) to be on TV

So our big moment on HGTV’s Curb Appeal: The Block . . .  is not happening.

Why? Because John Gidding’s design concept is as big as his ego.

Here’s what happened: HGTV came out and spent a whole day with us. They filmed us answering leading questions about our home (much to the delight of the elderly neighbor whose lawn we were standing on, and the little boy who enthusiastically told his mom “I’ve always wanted to see a real movie set!” and proceeded to sit and watch from his SUV front-row seat), had us change outfits, and then wait a bit while the star of the show arrived.

Ever wake up to camera crews filming your house? I have. Here an HGTV team take "before" shots of our frontyard.

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Show Time!

Today is the day we discover what John Gidding, the designer for HGTV’s Curb Appeal: The Block, has cooked up for our house! Over the past weeks we’ve come home to interns crawling around and measuring our front yard, to the tanned host himself scoping out our fixer. The team has been busy designing, getting permits, and planning our makeover. This afternoon we go into full action with a production crew coming to shoot an interview with us and then the on camera reveal of our design! Actual construction will begin November 8 and wrap up by November 19.

Stay tuned for details, if we’re allowed to share them 🙂

Who wants to be on HGTV?

As everyone knows, Kane is an HGTV addict. Recently, we began to wonder how do you get to be on HGTV? After all, it would be pretty cool to get some free professional help on the house. Turns out there is a listing of open casting calls on the HGTV website. And when we checked there was a call for houses in the San Francisco area to feature on a new season of Curb Appeal: The Block.

In need of serious curb appeal.

If you haven’t watched this show before, it involves a $20,000 frontyard makeover plus two $1,000 mini-makeovers of nearby homes. The idea is to raise the value of the chosen home and the street as a whole. The main makeover usually includes painting the house, landscaping, hardscaping, and creating or modifying one or more other features.

Now, our frontyard is kind of an eyesore and frankly we’re not much for gardening. So we applied with our heartfelt story about having spent all this time and money on the interior of our fixer-upper, having a baby on the way, and the infinite patience of our poor neighbors wondering about when we would finally spruce up the yard.

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The official mommy-mobile

Now that we’ve had a year in suburbia (but not too far into suburbia! really, it doesn’t count if you can see San Francisco from the house) we’ve made another step towards the requisite lifestyle. That’s right, we’re a two car family again!

Living in San Francisco, a car was kind of a headache. You had to find parking spots, dodge maniacal bicyclists, deal with the fog and dust of the outerlands, and everywhere was least 20 minutes away. As a result, having one tiny car worked pretty well. Our Scion xA was just small enough to squeeze into those funny in-between driveway spots, could breeze past lines of buses, and put up well with the inevitable dings and scratches. Continue reading